Euphoria: The That means Behind Rue’s Maroon Hoodie


The second season of “Euphoria” continues to discover the realities of substance abuse dysfunction and the detrimental results it has on an individual’s bodily and psychological well being. We watch Rue proceed down a darkish and harmful path of substance abuse all through this season, even risking shedding the individuals she loves. Whereas Rue’s character and wishes have turn into muddled alongside the way in which, one of many facets of her traits that has stayed fixed is her attachment to her maroon hoodie. Rue is seen sporting the outsized maroon hoodie as early because the pilot episode of “Euphoria” when she returns from rehab. She’s seen sporting it at a number of factors all through the collection, and in episode 5 of season two, as Gia packs Rue’s luggage to go to rehab, she is shaken when she spots the hoodie amongst Rue’s garments.

What Is the Significance of Rue’s Maroon Hoodie?

On the finish of season one, we be taught that the hoodie belonged to her late father, who wore it throughout his battle with most cancers. In season one, episode eight, as she walks again from the practice station after Jules leaves, we get flashbacks of Rue getting into her late father’s room, the place her mom is crying. She spots the maroon hoodie, picks it up, and walks out, placing it on whereas crying. For Rue, the hoodie is extra than simply one thing that her father wore — it is a safety blanket. She seemingly wears the hoodie all through the collection as a type of consolation, because it helps her keep in mind the contact and embrace of her late father.

Throughout her excessive in season two, episode 4, Rue hallucinates that she’s at a funeral service. She slowly enters and spots Jules and Elliot sitting within the pews, however her focus is on Labrinth, who’s sporting maroon and singing on the entrance of the congregation. When she reaches the entrance of the church, she hugs Labrinth tight, and the scene switches to her hugging her father as a substitute, who’s sporting the maroon hoodie. Rue holds onto her father, telling him she is not an excellent individual and apologizing for letting him down. However her father replies that he is aware of her and he is at all times along with her. Rue craves her father’s love and presence, and at this level of her substance abuse dysfunction, the excessive is what brings her nearer to him.

What Does the Coloration Maroon Imply?

The colour maroon itself can symbolize power and love, mirroring Rue’s love for her father and the power she feels when sporting the hoodie. Nonetheless, sporting maroon will also be related to intense ardour and even anger, which is on the core of Rue’s grief. She offers with a spread of feelings due to her substance abuse dysfunction, which we see all through the present however particularly within the first a part of episode 5.


After discovering out that Jules and Elliot not solely informed her mom about her relapse, however that in addition they helped flush the medication in her suitcase down the bathroom, Rue expresses her worry by way of indignant outbursts. In these scenes, Rue is just not sporting the hoodie, and her emotional state is uncontrolled. Rue is mad at herself for her dysfunction and appears like she’s not an excellent individual or worthy of her father’s love.

It is simple to neglect that Rue is just 17 years previous due to her struggles and trauma. Nonetheless, the hoodie does not simply symbolize consolation and safety — it displays Rue’s internal power and robust will that would ultimately assist her overcome her substance abuse dysfunction.

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